Assassin or unifier? Future use of Moonbeam smart contracts and value for the crypto industry.

3 min readNov 16, 2021

We often hear that this or that project claims to be the killer of the ether. Do projects want to become ether killers: undoubtedly, yes, since it occupies most of the market and all uses, new functions, smart contracts mostly take place on the air. Etherium has occupied this niche by right of the first and other similar decisions, they want to bite off a piece of this big pie from him. But does the crypto market need a killer? I think the market needs a unification, something that will help expand the functionality, ease of use and easy transition between chains and programming languages, consensus, smart contracts, in order to take the entire market beyond the boundaries of our ideas and do what seems impossible today! The Moonbeam project will act as such a unifier, establishing cooperation with other network members, developing new ideas and bringing them to life. In fact, opening new horizons for the development of ideas, cooperation between many existing projects and the creators of new forms and ideas. Things are awaiting us that we cannot even imagine yet, and the speed of their development will exceed our expectations. I think Satoshi Nakamoto himself would be sincerely surprised at how quickly blockchain technology has changed the relationship between people. I think after a while, the creators of Moonbeam will also be surprised and pleasantly shocked at how far their advanced idea has gone, which solves real problems. Therefore, we, as crypto enthusiasts, need to support revolutionary developments that will accelerate the arrival of a new, decentralized, freer future that can improve the life of humanity and take it beyond new and new horizons.

I don’t care that the project will not have top shark funds, to which small investors and desire for easy money cling like fish. I’m here for ideas. Great ideas that change the future! Yes, it seems to us that nothing depends on us, that we can just make good money by helping projects, slightly improve our life and the life of our environment, but personally I like the idea of ​​helping to improve the life of all mankind more. Yes, it sounds arrogant, but imagine a large anthill, which is built by millions of ants, in order to create comfortable and bladeless living conditions for themselves. One ant, even the most powerful and intelligent, is not able to build an anthill; he needs the help of other ants, with whom he coordinates his efforts. And as a result, they have a whole citadel, which even the strongest, largest predators avoid and which helps to protect their pupae and reserves.

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